Surgical procedure or specific treatment

For specific treatments by laser, injections or other techniques please contact us by


  • phone 02 735 94 42 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00
  • email or Contacts
  • ONLINE AGENDA temporarily only for Dr Darcis


For consultations with Dr Darcis only, for appointment with Dr Dierckxsens please call or send an email.

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    • If the first time you make an appointment online: Your user name is your name + first name together without space
      (for example:  John Smith, username: smithjohn)Your initial password is your date of birth:
      (for example: 17 December 1965, password 17121965)When you first connect you will have to modify your password into a personal password.
    • If not the first time you make an appointment online: Your username remains your name+ first name together, use your personal password.
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Cancelling appointment

Please cancel if you cannot come to your appointment!

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