Vascular Lesions

Vascular laser treatments selectively target blood vessels in the skin. The main indications are:couperose

  • broken capillaries or telangiectasia
  • redness of face and neck
  • acne, rosacea
  • spider angiomas, cherry angiomas
  • port wine stains
  • venous lakes
  • leg veins

The treatment usually takes 15 to 30 minutes, or more depending on the indication, and is usually not painful. In some cases, especially with leg vein treatment, some discomfort is experienced (a burning sensation). A topical anaesthesia (numbing cream) will be applied 30 min prior to the treatment and cold air during the treatment to reduce the discomfort.

After the treatment the skin may be red and slightly swollen but there is little or no downtime. In rare cases there may be bruises but they disappear in a few days.
With leg vein treatments, a darker coloration of the treated veins may persist for few weeks.
Absolute sun avoidance and sun protection is required minimum 4 weeks, and for leg veins even 12 weeks, after the laser treatment. For this reason we only perform leg vein treatments during winter months.

Generally, it takes multiple sessions, with a few weeks interval, to achieve the best results. The average is 2 to 4 sessions , but to maintain the results, a follow up session may be needed every year or two.

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